For me, the key to achieving everything else I want in life has been twofold: Shift My Physiology and Align My Belief Systems to support my outcomes. I had the brains, the determination and the skillset to make things happen, but because I was not fully connected to my body I was not able to access my greatness in the same way I now can.

My life has shifted dramatically over the past five years. I went from being a depressed, disconnected accountant with a few extra pounds to loving my life each day as a Mind-Body Mentor, Integrative Massage Therapist and a pioneer in the field of Bioelectric Therapy. I am living in a body of health and energy and recently ran my first marathon. I connect daily in a meaningful way with my children, clients and friends. People who knew me before the shift can hardly believe the change. Sometimes I am astounded as I reflect back and realize the differences.

I now assist other women to experience these shifts in their lives. Connecting daily with our bodies is a lost art for most of us who are bombarded with messages about how our bodies should LOOK, not how they FEEL. It's a big difference. And the results in life are proof.