TOUCHING GREATNESS class is designed to help you learn to reconnect the many tiny links between body and mind which may have been severed through trauma, belief systems or disuse. Stimulate your inner wisdom through this 10 week course so you can bring out the true depth of your true self, which leads to love, abundance and joy. Each week you'll receive a coaching video featuring a mind-body connection practice, a growth accelerator activity, journaling prompts and a second video helping you specifically target issues such as relationships, money, health and passion.

EVOLUTION OF THE SELF #1 is a class covering five great selections from the collection of classical literature which has shaped our way of being for millenia. From ancient to modern, religious and secular, scientific and artistic, these selections and discussion ideas will help you explore the questions: How do I know something? How do I know myself? Where do thoughts arise? Do I have a path to follow?

Live class is five consecutive weeks beginning 1/13/14. Contact me for additional information.

A home study course is also available.