COACHING or MENTORING is an ancient art transmitting the essence of beingness from one person to another. This specialized education is a one-on-one experience like no other. If you are ready to move to the next level in your life, start here.

Somatic Release Sessions are individualized 60 minutes sessions available in-person only. A session is a "hands-on" way to explore tension, trauma and emotion and release it through various modalities such as Hakomi, Bioenergetics, TRE, Somatic Experiencing, partner assisted yoga and other techniques. $155

5-session package of Somatic Release sessions $650

Ultimate Energy Coaching Program for releasing weight and tension is a 90-day or 180-day education and mind-body connecting experience for women, delivered online and via phone or in-person, consisting of:

  • 50+ lessons, Inner-cizes, and activities available online
  • a Weekly Skype/Google+/phone coaching session
  • Daily and Weekly accountability reports
  • Access to a growing collection of meditations and guided visualizations

Call 505.695.2095 for additional details and program requirements.

Body As Ally: Living the Embodied Life is designed for the woman who wants to be more in touch with her passion for life and her body, instead of living from her head. This 8 module package comes with 16 30-minute mentoring sessions. Call for further details and to see if you qualify for admission to the program.

Private Coaching is available. Typical topics include relationships, health, weight loss, discovering life mission, sexuality, and releasing trauma.