TOUCHING GREATNESS ebook on Amazon. Genius lies dormant in the soul of mankind -- yours and mine. How do we draw it forth? This book explores the realm of mind-body connection through touch and movement. Various traumas and beliefs sever the many tiny links between body and mind which hold our being together as one complete and perfect self. Awareness and a practice involving reconnective touch helps re-form the links. Touch and nurture the greatness in yourself and your loved ones so you can think, feel and experience deeply and BE who you really ARE so you can HAVE the relationships, abundance and joy you really WANT.

TOUCHING GREATNESS VIDEO GUIDE is the perfect way to view all of the exercises from the Touching Greatness ebook, plus a bonus of five more guided exercises, meditations, visualizations and more. Learn ways to reconnect your body and mind with an easy-to-understand recording. This product is available on the member's site.

EVOLUTION OF THE SELF is a guide to ten great selections from the collection of classical literature which has shaped our way of being for millenia. From ancient to modern, religious and secular, scientific and artistic, these selections and discussion ideas will help you explore the questions: How do I know something? How do I know myself? Where do thoughts arise? Do I have a path to follow? This product is delivered via email as a pdf file.